Sunday, March 23, 2008

Message from the PRESIDENT!

I hope you all had a great break! Here's all the initiatives we talked about at the meeting for the fair. Our next meeting on this Tuesday (3/25) at 11:00 AM so we should all get ideas together and assign tasks. We DEFINITELY need advertising. I will send emails out to all of the students and some SOSA design majors to see about making some posters, flyers, etc., and we should be able to get something on the monitors in Kanbar. 

We can send out school-wide e-mails to inform the entire student body about what we are doing, even if you are looking for more volunteers. Contact me if you are interested in a universal e-mail. 

The initiatives the LEADERSHIP has decided have our group sponsor inslude:

ORGANIC vs. NON-ORGANIC FOOD Taste Test- The thought will be mostly fruits, vegetables, simple snack recipes and small portions of meals. Viktoria will contact Weaver's Way, Whole Foods, and Dr. B for info on how to get this event sponsored or if they can at least donate or discount the food.

LIGHT BULBS- The concept is that a lemonade style stand would have a visual demonstration of the efficiency of incandescent bulbs against energy-efficient ones. Ted has a contact at IKEA so he's going to check out possible donations or discounts.

RECYCLING INSTALLATION- Don suggested that an installation made entirely of PhilaU waste would be a profound way to impress upon students the volume of waste they generate in a week. Don needs to seek the permission of physical plant and we'll send out feelers to find arch and design students who would like to help. We should be fine with the people in SOSA but we might as well extend the option to everyone.

TRAYLESS-(Jamie)- When the Leadership Team met, we decided to put the trays in the center of the dining hall on a table and take them away for 1 day a week. The plan, as it stands it to have the trays on the table for 2 weeks and then take them away for 1 day during the last 2 weeks (depending on feedback). I will to contact dining services & set up a meeting for next week. Advertising will be key in the success of this initiative. Students will need to know what exactly is happening to their trays and why. This link will lead you to an article that describes the model by which we should implement this experiment.


Staple-less Stapler Sale - Follow up with Elise Berrocoal

Late Night Bake Sale for Design Students in A&D and Smith House and Ravenhill Studios for Reading and Studying Session.

Night at Buckets (or somewhere else)?? ---My friend who did it for design said we just have to talk to Buckets (or wherever) and it's $20 to get in and I think open bar for a few hours and we'll get $5 from that. We would just need to advertise A LOT and it might be hard to do this semester bc there are senior grad nights and things like that going on at bars.