Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Thank you to Don, Kyle, Eric, Chris, Crystal, Devon and Drew for volunteering for this especially profound sustainable initiative. Your expertise will prove to be valuable in this task. We have no time to waste debating our personal tastes and deciding the proper message to convey or the types of materials and processes used.

I have attached an image that I would like you to refer to as a I describe what I propose as a plan for what we can construct at virtually no cost and with little time. The picture is one that i took with my picture phone of an art installation that was exhibited at First Friday not too long ago. Felt pieces were cut to size, stacked on a pole and arranged to look like a dense forest. I think we can design an installation of a similar scale with the same type of imagery. By this low cost and quick building process, We can create a forest full of "recycled trees" to visually demonstrate the direct impact our own trash has on the local environment. In order to properly communicate this message we must use ONLY RECYCLABLE PRODUCTS, from ON CAMPUS RECYCLE BINS. We can mash them in a 2 ton press at Smith House and pierce them with a drill at A&D. We can slide the mashed pieces onto a conduit pole that has been bent into a "tree trunk" and branch forms.

Please get back to me with your thoughts on this idea at your next greatest convenience. I would be happy to make some changes, but I believe this plan to be exactly what we could do to make an installation that would grow over time and by the Spring Fling be an impressive series of structures.

Getting greener all the time,


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